Born in Rhode Island during the cultural boom of the ’80s, Terry Addison is an African-American artist currently making his artistic claim throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Works of his focus on experiential installation. He curates exhibitions with artwork from noteworthy burgeoning artists: Jet Martinez, Joe Kowalczyk, and many more. Shows under Terry’s curation exhibit the raw and untapped potential of rising street artists, tattoo specialists, and imaginative creators. An appreciation for the diversity of visual wealth present in our society today is apparent though his assemblage of innovative and at times visually jarring works.

During Old Crow’s exhibition, The Shroud Opaque in 2012, guests were invited to view a large sculptural piece of his in the round. This large centerpiece, presented under the pseudonym Hunter de la Ghetto, is integral to bringing the exhibition together, inspiring its viewers to think deeper about its meaning in the context. The installation has an almost spiritual effect on its viewer. Seeming spell-like in its presentation, Addison’s creation of this suspended shrine allows us to question not only our internal states but also how our reaction to this piece may enhance meaning behind surrounding works in the exhibition.

Terry’s networking genius and eye for talent were nurtured during his time as a TA at the Rhode Island School of Design and experience connecting with artistic communities. Aside from the growing arts in the Bay, Terry also enjoys today’s expanding music scene, appreciating music from different genres, including hip-hop, black metal, and experimental sounds like that of FKA twigs. We can see the innovation of today’s cultural scene ever present in his artwork as he pushes the boundaries of visual expression and inclusion.

We can expect more shows through the guidance of Terry at Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery. Currently his artwork is available for purchase through the Recspec Gallery in Austin, TX and the Pro Arts Gallery in Oakland, CA.


  • Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery, 5250 College Avenue, Oakland CA 94618.
  • Pro Arts Gallery, 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612.

~ by Azali Powers ~

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Image 1: God Forgives and I don’t with the words “quahog and caviar.” Installation at Old Crow in 2012.
Image 2: Shokunin (2015). Installation at Athen B. Gallery.
Image 3: Ex Eye (2019).

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