Malik Seneferu was born on April 7, 1971. A Bay Area native and African-American artist, Malik Seneferu presents a wide variety of representation. His works of art exhibit bright, colorful patterns, people of the African-American community, and resonating cultural expression of being of African descent. As a self-taught artist, we can observe the progression of his skill as well as his choice of the visual representation of the subject matter. His reverence for the social climate of African communities has afforded him the opportunity to showcase his work in London and then Durban, South Africa for the “War against Racism” in 2001 and then on to Italy, Haiti, and Kenya. With over 50 solo art exhibits in the Bay Area, Malik’s paintings are an integral part of the maintenance and facilitation of African-American art in our community.

Perhaps the most beautiful part of Malik’s artistic expression are the vivid changes seen through the transformation of his technical approach to his art. In original works dating to 1998, we see realistic depictions of Malik’s surroundings and his message of black unity and power. As his work progresses, the use of brighter more contrasting colors appears to be accompanied by symbolic representation. The colors become more dramatic and emotionally involving as his subject matter ventures toward realms of spiritual representation and empowerment. As his paintings assume more abstract styles, we are given more intimate expression of what it feels like to embody black power.

Although I was not able to schedule an interview with Malik, his work speaks strongly for his beliefs and hopes for expression in the black community. As a painter, musician, poet, and cultural facilitator, Malik beautifully portrays these aspects of his life and encourages us to value the sources of inspiration for his works.

~ by Azali Powers ~

External Links:

Image 1: report cards (1998)
Image 2: Uhuru (2004)
Image 3: poetic percussion (2017)

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