Avy Jetter was born on December 11, 1968. She has been a professional zine artist since 2012. A zine is an independently or self-published book/comic.

In an interview in the Black Women Read newsletter, Avy Jetter talked a bit about her background. “My family is originally from Minnesota. I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California.” Specifically, Avy Jetter was raised in Richmond and moved to Oakland, California as an adult. It was in Oakland that she really began her career as an artist. She speaks passionately about microaggressions and racial discrimination in Oakland, which inspired her zine, What Did you Just Say to Me? Her work in the Oakland art community is incredible and shows intense dedication to tackling problems such as microaggressions and gentrification, which hurt people of color.

Avy Jetter began her college education at the California College of the Arts before transferring to Fisk University for two semesters. After that she transferred back to CCA to complete her BFA in painting where she studied printmaking. Outside of formal schooling, Avy has experimented with many different types of art and makes beautiful pieces of tie-dye.

Avy Jetter’s first major artistic launch was in 2012 with the creation of her zine, Nuthin Good Ever Happens at 4 a.m. It is centered around four vastly different Oakland friends who find themselves banding together to survive the zombie apocalypse. In an interview with the Midwest Black Speculative Fiction Alliance (MBSFA), Jetter said, “I started making comics in 2012 after a friend showed me her webcomic. . . .I decided in March or April 2012 that I would make a comic to be ready for SF Zinefest in September 2012. . . .I dang near killed myself getting the first issue of the comic book done in five months but I did it!”


  • Community Zine Fests: The East Bay Community Space, 507 55th Street, Oakland, CA 94609. Avy Jetter can be found attending zine fests in Oakland and San Francisco. The East Bay Community Space hosts zine events and in December 2019, Avy Jetter’s work Nuthin Good Ever Happens at 4 a.m. was one of the main attractions of the Oakland Creates Art, Comix and Zinefest.
  • Oakland Creates: No Current Location. In 2019, this event was hosted at the East Bay Community Space, as also mentioned previously. The location can change from year to year, and this organization, which helps support new artists and traditionally underrepresented voices, is one where Avy Jetter can be found. Her artistic work for this event is incredible and moving.
  • Etsy and Oakland Street Fairs: Temescal Street Fair, 2323 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612. Avy Jetter has a business with an incredible collection of custom tie-dye clothing. Avy Jetter tends to advertise her tie-dye on her Etsy page and she can be contacted on her Etsy page under the name StormOne. She can also be found at street fairs and the farmers’ market selling her art around the Bay Area. She has been at Oakland markets such as Temescal Street Fair in June 2019.

~ by Siena Parrish ~

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